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    Open Canons.

    Originals are also welcome, so feel free to join in the fun <3

    This is a reworking of Won't Back Down. We decided to move after proboards switched to version five.

    ic news!

    METROPOLIS, NEW YEARS EVE ♔ METROPOLIS IS HOME TO AMERICA'S NEXT PRESIDENT! After months of rumors and speculation that Alexander 'Lex' Luthor, billionaire industrialist and a brillant scientist, has announced his plans to run for the President Of The United States! He is the prime example of rags to riches as he carved his own way into Metropolis with his multi-national corporation, Lexcorp, which only seems to continuously profit. Lex claims with how the last few tragic events have been handled he doesn't feel America has the President it needs or deserves in these catastrophic events. Expect more news to come from Luthor himself!

    WORLD NEWS ♔ EVERYTHING SEEMS ALMOST BACK TO NORMAL First it was an attack on SHIELD, followed by the virus, to be topped with Black Hand returning with an army of Black Lanterns. Though death hit a great number of the world's population, what came after was perhaps the most disturbing. When a person was killed a black ring found it's way to the body and animated the corpse. Loved ones watched in horror as they terrorized the streets, ripping hearts from any and all it seemed. Other lanterns came to the aid though it was with the draining of all the borrowed rings energy combined did a blinding white light cover every inch of the globe. All those that had been Black Lanterns had been destroyed but raised and restored, their victims remained dead. People are slowly rebuilding their lives, fearing what could possibly come next.

    GOTHAM ♔ GOTHAM CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT ♔ CNN NEWS! Last year in August, three members of the Gotham City Police Department were arrested when it was revealed they were working with known mobsters, Dominique Falcone and supposedly Roman Sionis. Though both parties have denied the accusations the DA insisted they had evidence. The case was dropped today, the charge of witness tampering thrown out by the judge due to lack of hard evidence. The supposed jurors that were either intimidated or bought off moved out of the state after the trial and no one could manage to reach them in time of the court date.

    LOS ANGELES ♔ 5/10/14 ♔ HERO GOSSIP & NEWS! Word has it Clint 'Hawkeye' Barton, Anthony 'Iron Man' Stark, and The Mighty Thor were spotted at a LA hot spot. Swarms of women surrounded their table though Hawkeye seemed to be the only one truly interested in the company. Stark left first after a round or two of shots while Thor stayed for another few hours. Apparently Clint stayed until last call and left with a small blond. But that's only here say, who knows if our source actually saw three members of the Avengers. And if she did I think we're all completely jealous!

    NEW YORK, GOTHAM ♔ REPAIRING THEIR CITIES, TOURISTS BEWARE! With the invasion of the Black Lanterns some buildings were destroyed while most were heavily damaged. Now we all appreciate what the heroes did but it brings up the argument that they should be the ones paying the price to fix it. If they have all that fancy technology that must mean they have the resources, right? Steve's Diner now closes two hours early so that they can repair the broken window and wall from an attack. Wayne Tower is currently still operating though given the destruction to the letters and some of the floors there will be cranes and other construction vehicles around the area. Expect delays if you are in the area and take the detour if there is the option.

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