There's a new mini-plot at the Avengers Mansion!! <-- click for link.
It's Easter at the Avengers Mansion, and they're hosting an Easter Egg Hunt on the lawns!

Open to everyone!

Shenanigans welcome, go traumatize some children!

Click For In Character!

  • wont back down
  • updates!

    Ring Plot thread is up!


    Lantern Sign Ups for the new plot are up!



    NEW MINI EVENT is up!


    NEW MINI PLOT is up!



    Open Canons.

    Originals are also welcome, so feel free to join in the fun <3

    This is a reworking of Won't Back Down. We decided to move after proboards switched to version five.

    ic news!

    METROPOLIS, NEW YEARS EVE ♔ METROPOLIS HOSTS AN OPEN BALL FOR NEW YEARS EVE! After a long year of what seemed like constant downs it's time to wash it away and welcome the new year with friends and loved ones. Located at the Comcast Arena there is an ice skating rink on the lower floor and the main party is above. There is plenty of food and an open bar! Now is the time to meet and greet in a peaceful surrounding! It certainly can open up potential plots!

    GOTHAM CITY ♔ WAYNE ENTERPRISES THROWS A PARTY TO IMPRESS! Attention anyone who is anyone and everyone who wants to be someone, this is the party you want to be seen at! A charity event open to all in order to raise funds for Arkham Asylum is being held out by the docks in a remodeled warehouse, just look for the long line outside the newly made club!

    JULY ♔ SECOND ♔ CNN NEWS! An unknown sickness is affecting just about every known corners of the world. Details are sketchy but experts believe it is odorless and air born, symptoms have ranged anywhere from illness to death to horrible mutations. Authorities advise that everyone stay indoors as panic and mass riots have broken out in major cities, please stay tuned as we try and keep everyone up to date on this horrible turn of events.

    JUNE ♔ TWENTY SEVENTH ♔ CNN NEWS! All around the world villains of high caliber showed their faces against our heroes. It's reported Amelia Smith of SHIELD was a causality; her murderer Norman 'Mad Dog' Mars. Bane, a goliath from Gotham, took down two SHIELD agents along with New York's own Spiderman. The Joker was seen against the Black Widow while the Avengers Mansion has reportedly been destroyed by Harley Quinn. Rumor has it a location was broken into, a location that held highly dangerous objects. Two witnesses that have since disappeared claimed it was the man from New York one year ago. It seems our heroes have fallen in some surprise attack. They weren't alone, the aid put up a good fight but in the end it was evil that won this round.

    NEW YORK, NEW YORK ♔ STEVE'S DINER IS OPEN! Steve's Eatery is now open for business! The hottest new diner in town, planned and built on the nostalgia of Captain America himself! Retro and Superhero themed, this place is family friendly and definitely a hot spot for anyone that loves a good meal. The star spangled waitresses are the friendliest around, and the prices can't be beat so drop by for a fun time! Costumed heroes eat half price!

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    Citizen 01 05
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